Friday, February 7, 2014

#113 Male Skin Special upcoming skin designer Morphine in SL at FFF

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This blog is a special about Morphine and it's designer Ydreece Forster. Especially for the Final Fantasy Fair she has made this exclusive male skin Sephiroth.


This designer is upcoming in SL and more people know where to find her daily. She is incredibly talented and creative. For example, she took a month + to investigate the theme and has seen the game being played for years, researching it again and again to get a feel for the characters and then she hand drew the skins to perfection. Ydreece Forster is someone that doesn't stop until she's satisfied with the result and why? For us people! She is so passionate about SL, about bringing us something different and about her customers. Versatile to the tee she creates Japanese inspired skins, to ethnic and regular skins, a large collection of cosmetics, to casual fashion... you name it.

On a personal note, I used to wear a very well known skin designer in Second Life and Morphine skins made me switch to all her skins permanently. She's got the goods and I'm one of her biggest fans.

 Final Fantasy makes heros of Sephiroth, Gensis, Cloud and Vincent. These men aren't the typical American muscle-bound heros (think Arnold Schwarzenegger) but more slender, tall, thoughtful, sensitive men. Morphine captures the essence of these digital manga in her new 4th wave skin series.

Shape: Male Shape (S/M) (Sephiroth)
Skin:  Seph Pale Skin (*V.Sephiroth)
Hair: Tableau Vivant - Beaumont hair - male - Spring Pack

Cloud is a mercenary and self-proclaimed ex-member of SOLDIER, an elite, genetically augmented military unit operating under the de facto world government, the megacorporation Shinra Electric Power Company. Fighting against Shinra in the resistance group AVALANCHE, and driven by a feud with the primary antagonist, Sephiroth, Cloud learns to accept his troubled past and adapts to his role as a leader. Cloud has also appeared in several other titles outside the Final Fantasy VII continuity, such as Itadaki Street SpecialFinal Fantasy TacticsDissidia Final FantasyEhrgeiz and the Kingdom Hearts series.

Shape: Morphine : A4W Male Shape (S/M) (Cloud)
Skin: Morphine : Seph Pale Skin (*V.Cloud)
Hair: [Uw.7R]   Aj-Hair   size-L   Meteoric

Genesis Rhapsodos is the main antagonist of Crisis Core, a SOLDIER 1st class. Although he originally appeared in the secret ending of Dirge of Cerberus, his name was not revealed until Crisis Core. In Dirge of Cerberus, he is referred to only as "G" in collectible items called "G Reports", which contain sketchy information on his origins. If all are collected, a secret ending is unlocked which features Genesis retrieving Weiss' body and telling him they still have work to do.

Shape: Morphine - A4S Male Shape Genesis
Skins: Morphine - Seph Pale Skin Genesis
Hair: Dura Boy - 40 Black

Vincent is a dark, brooding, and sardonic man whose heart was numbed by a tragic love. Approximately thirty years before the start of Final Fantasy VII, whilst working as a Turk, Vincent fell in love with the scientist Lucrecia Crescent, who saved him after he had been shot, by implanting him with the Chaos gene, and the protomateria with which to control Chaos.

Shape: Morphine - A4W Male Shape (S/M) Vincent
Skins: Morphine - Seph Pale Skin Vincent
Hair: [ -7R-]   Fox-Hair    Meteor

Shaz is wearing her own shape and Morphine Skin - Celeste Light.

Direct LM to Morphine at Final Fantasy Festival

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  1. im trying to find this hair Hair: [Uw.7R] Aj-Hair size-L Meteoric where cann i get it